Dental Laser

Lasers are one of the biggest advancements in dentistry, and our office uses a soft-tissue, surgical diode laser.  This laser offers superior level of precision and control for the doctor, and it sterilizes the tissue as it works, having less bleeding and a faster recovery time.

Intra-oral Camera

Our intra-oral camera allows us to see and examine tiny details in the mouth that are hard to spot with the naked eye. The image helps educate the patient on any issues that are present. We can also send these images to your insurance company, which can help ensure you receive the maximum coverage possible.

Advanced Digital Technology

Digital x-rays are available for viewing instantly and require only half the radiation of conventional x-rays. Instant viewing helps us make quick, precise diagnoses. The digital x-rays can also be sent to insurance companies, for faster claims.



Cerec — Same Day Crowns!

CEREC® 3D is here at our office!  With this advanced system, we can quickly restore damaged teeth, using the finest in dental crown materials and craftsmanship to ensure a successful, long-term solution for natural-colored ceramic restorations without the need for impressions. CEREC® 3D  uses CAD (Computer Aided Design technology).  Enhance your smile with CEREC® 3D!

Cerec Milling Process Video